Workshop Growth With Financial Stability and New Developmentalism

Seg, 24/05/2010 - 08:00 - Ter, 25/05/2010 - 19:00
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Organized by CEMACRO – Center of Structuralist Development Macroeconomics, São Paulo School of Economics - Granted by Ford Foundation

May 24 - 25, 2010

With the support of Ford Foundation, the Center for Development Macroeconomics of the School of Economics of São Paulo of Getulio Vargas Foundation will held, on May 24-25 2010, a workshop and in March next year a broader conference on “Growth with financial stability and new developmentalism”. In the workshop, the 20 Brazilian and foreign economists that will be invited will be asked to define a list of 10 short theses or policy recommendations that should characterize “new developmentalism” – the national development strategy that middle income countries are supposed to adopt to grow with financial stability. New developmentalism is an expression that several of the participants of the workshop have been using since the early 2000s as a responsible and feasible alternative to the Washington consensus or to conventional orthodoxy. To limit the theses or policy recommendations to 10 is important because the objective is to get out of these project with some reasonably agreed and simple to remember ideas. Personally, I have been using a tripod – exchange rate responsibility or growth with domestic savings, fiscal responsibility, and strategic role for the state – to define new developmentalism, but this approach is oriented to public opinion or to the national agenda that is unable to assume more than three elements of a given theme. In order to be understood to a more restricted number of economists and politicians or of policymakers, I believe that 10 is a reasonable number.

The organizers will propose a provisory list of 10 theses to be discussed. In the Workshop we will, first, discuss and define the theses, amending and substituting what is agreed. Second, we will distribute them among ourselves so that each theme will be under the responsibility of two participants. Third, the other participants will offer suggestions to the two participants responsible for the theme. After this, each group of two participants will have a 10 months period to write a small policy paper (15 to 20 double space pages). In the Conference to be held in March 2011 these policy papers will be discussed with a larger group of invited people including Brazilian politicians and policymakers, and with the presence of the media.

Adopting this somewhat heterodox method we are not aiming full agreement, nor writing anything similar to a plan. We are just asking for some agreement on a list of key theses or policy recommendations that characterize a competent national development strategy. We would like to have agreement on the expression “new developmentalism”, but this will not be required from anybody. Below we offer a short reference to papers and books that used the expression, and we attach a recent paper by Bresser-Pereira to be published in the Handbook of Latin America Economics that José Antonio Ocampo is editing for Oxford University Press that, in some way, summarize the ideas. We just make reference to articles that used the expression. Without using it, there are a large number of heterodox economists – certainly all the invited to this workshop – that wrote on the subject.

The following lecturers presented essays in this seminar:

Edwin Le Heron

Gabriel Palma                                      

Jose Antonio Ocampo                                                    

Heiner Flassbeck                                               

Jan Kregel                                                          

Robert Boyer                                          

Roberto Frenkel                                      

Aldo Ferrer                                             

Osvaldo Sunkel                                                  

Amit Bhaduri                                                                 

Philippe Faucher                                                 

Thomas Palley                                                                

Robert Wade                                                                  

Daniela Prates                                                    

Fernando Cardim de Carvalho   

Franklin Serrano                          

José Luiz Oreiro                                     

Leonardo Burlamaqui                                          

Luiz Fernando de Paula              

Ricardo Carneiro                        

Yoshiaki Nakano                        

Ricardo Bielschowsky                                       

Antonio Barros de Castro                                              

Nelson Barbosa                                                  

Miguel Bruno                                                    

David Kupfer                                                     

Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira

Nelson Marconi


Abaixo estamos disponibilizado DRAFT Papers produzidos para este workshop. Esses DRAFT papers não devem ser citados sem autorização dos respectivos pesquisadores.

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