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The Economic Forum of the Getulio Vargas Foundation aims to be a permanent forum for discussion of major national economic problems. It is an initiative of the School of Economics of FGV São Paulo, and has a partnership with FIESP, CUT, Force Association, the IEDI, and from 2007, CNI, five organizations committed to the real sector of the economy.
The Forum, faithful to a tradition of Getulio Vargas Foundation since its founding in 1944, will aim to contribute to the more general definition of a national development policy of the country. To this concentrate their attention in some areas preferred, as macroeconomic stability, investment policy and creating jobs, restoring fiscal and public savings, international economy and its impact on the country, trade policy, technological, and industrial distribution policy income.
The Forum will always start with the analysis of the political and institutional framework of the country. To the extent that development is always the result of a national strategy, it is necessary to continuously analyze and debate the political structure of the country: the constraints and opportunities that open internationally, the interests and values ??of different social groups participating the national political game, the necessary institutional reforms and their difficulties.
The Forum will seek always count on the participation of government officials, businessmen, union leaders, politicians, and journalists. The panel will feature presenters and discussants previously designated, and with the participation of guests from these categories that are mostly opinion leaders.
The Forum will not be open to the general public to participate in the debates, but all discussions are public and transparent. For this, seek to have wide media coverage, which can even pass it in real time, and the largest possible presence on this website.
Coordination: Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira
For more information about the upcoming Economic Forum to be held on September 30 and October 01, click here.
Each invitation to the event will be sold for R $ 2,000.00. Those interested should send an email to
Additionally, 20 free tickets will be made available to students at EESP / FGV who register between August 20 and September 1. Disclose a list of the selected on September 9, 2013. Interested students should send an email with your data, writing in the subject line "Invitation Economic Forum" to

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