Our main activities:

  • Maintain and support a program of independent study and research that will allow researchers at the Center to produce articles - academic and policy making propositions - books, reports, databases and information that contribute to the analysis of New Developmentalism themes and more broadly to the themes of macroeconomics, microeconomics and political economy;
  • To promote and host round tables, forums and conferences with members of the three  branches of government, class associations and opinion makers, with the aim of discussing the major national and international issues related to public policies of economic development and to the productivity and competitiveness of countries and of companies;
  • Organize academic events, such as Seminars, Forums and Workshops that produce data, materials and know-how applied to the Center's scope, disseminating them at a later stage;
  • Support the holding of study groups and discussion with students, professors and other guests on macroeconomics, microeconomics and political economy.


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