Although researchers recognize the central importance of supply-side factors in determining the development, your assumption is that the main constraint is the demand side. Second, understand that economic development is a process of structural change. They seek to develop a Structuralist Development Macroeconomics and conduct research models that give empirical foundation. This macroeconomics should be the basis for each middle-income country set its national development strategy to create profitable investment opportunities for entrepreneurs by (1) ensuring an expanding domestic market in which wages grow with productivity and (2) a competitive exchange rate overvalued rather than ensuring access to foreign markets to companies internationally competent. A national development strategy is the key institution for economic development, is a set of policies and formal and informal arrangements through which the company seeks to achieve economic development. In this process, the State - quintessential instrument of collective action of society - should be fiscally sound and administratively capable, because it will be up to the coordinating role and inductor in a process of economic development in which companies in competitive markets will have the lead role.


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