Workshop Financial Stability and Financial Governance in Brazil

"Financial Stability and Financial Governance in Brazil - Assessing the Landscape and Drawing Policy Implications"

Organized by CEMACRO – Center of Structuralist Development Macroeconomics, São Paulo School of Economics - Granted by Ford Foundation

March 24 - 25, 2011

This workshop focused primarily on the central role of financial governance in promoting a competitive exchange rate to support developments strategies in Brazil. It was divided into five themes/sessions, and the program and themes are listed below.

Thursday, March 24

1. Financial Governance in Brazil- 1998-2010: An Overview

2. To what extent financial regulation in Brazil was effective in neutralizing the tendency to the overvaluation of the exchange rate (Theses 6 on new developmentalism) in Brazil since the 1994 Real Plan?

3. How did financial regulation influence Brazil's response to the 2008 financial crisis? Did it have a role in the emergence Brazil as a Global Financial Player?

Friday, March 25

4. What revisions of financial regulation and financial governance in Brazil are necessary to support Brazilian development? What's in place and what's missing?

5. Financial governance and the “Ten Theses”: Brazil's long term economic development in the context of the changing financial landscape: What's in place and what's missing?

The following lecturers presented essays in this seminar: 
  • Andre Nassif
  • Fernando Cardim Carvalho
  • Ricardo Carneiro
  • Rogério Sobreira
  • Robert Guttmann
  • Andre de M. Modenesi
  • Edwin Le Heron
  • Paulo Gala
  • Kunibert Raffer
  • Antonio Correa de Lacerda
  • Fernando Ferrari
  • Jan Kregel
  • Nelson Barbosa
  • Jayati Ghosh
  • Marta Bekerman
  • Daniela Prates
  • Fernando Holanda Barbosa
  • Luis Fernando de Paula
  • Chandru Chandradeskar
  • Thomas Palley
  • Jose Luis Oreiro
  • Nelson Marconi
  • Yoshiaki Nakano
  • Gabriel Palma

For more Information and to download the papers and presentations use the links below: 
Panel 1 - Andre Nassif.pdf91.99 KB
Panel 1 - Fernando Cardim e Francisco Eduardo de Souza.pdf283.6 KB
Panel 1 - Fernando Cardim.pdf23.55 KB
Panel 1 - Presentation - Fernando Cardim.pdf16.26 KB
Panel 1 - Ricardo Carneiro.pdf136.68 KB
Panel 1 - Rogerio Sobreira.pdf95.41 KB
Panel 2 - Andre Modenese, Rui Modenesi e Paulo Gala.pdf613.2 KB
Panel 2 - Presentation - Andre Modenese, Rui Modenesi e Paulo Gala.pdf387.75 KB
Panel 2 - Presentation - Edwin Le Heron.pdf48.22 KB
Panel 3 - Fernando Ferrari Filho.pdf51.42 KB
Panel 3 - Jan Kregel.pdf127.47 KB
Panel 3 - Nelson Barbosa.pdf100.04 KB
Panel 4 - Daniela Prates 2.pdf50.75 KB
Panel 4 - Daniela Prates.pdf124.17 KB
Panel 4 - Fernando Holanda Barbosa.pdf42.69 KB
Panel 4 - Luiz Fernando de Paula 2.pdf57.78 KB
Panel 4 - Luiz Fernando de Paula.pdf273.37 KB
Panel 4 - Presentation - Daniela Prates.pdf63.05 KB
Panel 4 - Presentation - Luiz Fernando de Paula.pdf176.62 KB
Panel 4 - Presentation - Thomas Palley.pdf12.14 KB
Panel 4 - Rogerio Sobreira e Luiz Fernando de Paula.pdf626.08 KB
Panel 5 - José Luis Oreiro 2.pdf139.41 KB
Panel 5 - Presentation - Jose Luis Oreirio.pdf325.17 KB
Panel 5 - Presentation - Nelson Marconi.pdf92.42 KB


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