Call for Papers and Attendance - Second New Developmentalism's Workshop of FGV

2nd New Developmentalism’s Workshop:

Theory and Policy for Developing Countries


Hosted by the Centre of Studies on New Developmentalism of the Sao Paulo School of Economics – Getulio Vargas Foundation – Sao Paulo, Brazil

August 04th – August 05th, 2017




The Centre of Studies for New Developmentalism of the São Paulo School of Economics of Getulio Vargas Foundation is pleased to invite interested candidates in participating in the 2nd New Developmentalism’s Workshop – Theory and Policies for Developing Countries –, which will be held in São Paulo, Brazil, from 04 to 05 of August 2017.

You are invited either to present a paper and participate in a panel, or just to be an attendant.

The workshop will have a mini-course on new developmentalism comparing it with classical developmentalism (development economics) as well as with post-Keynesian macroeconomics – the two school of thoughts from which new developmentalism originates.


  Lectures of the Workshop:

§  Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira: Eméritus Professor of FGV. Former Finance Minister of Brazil; former Minister of Federal Administrations and State Reform; former Minister of Science and Techonology; Eméritus Researcher of National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPQ).

§  Nelson Barbosa: Professor of EESP-FGV and UNB (University of Brasilia). Former Planning Minister of Brazil; and former Finance Minister of Brazil.

§  Nelson Marconi: Professor of EESP-FGV; President of Brazilian Keynesian Association.

§  Jose Luis Oreiro: Professor of UNB (University of Brasilia).


  Keynote Speakers:


§  Erik Reinert: Professor of Tallin University of Techonoly; Gunnar Myrdar Prize in 2008; author of “How Rich Countries got Rich – and Why Poor Countries Stay Poor” (to be confirmed).

§  Roberto Requião: Former governor of Paraná (3 times); currently Senator of Brazil.  



                                                                                        Important Dates


                                              - For the panelists, the deadline to submit abstracts is April 15, 2017.
                                              - For the attendants only, the deadline for enrollment will be June 30, 2017.
                                              - Notification of acceptance for panelists will be send no later than April 25,2017. 


 Registration and documents 


 FOR PANELISTS: The candidates of panelists should submit an abstract dealing with the economic, or political economy themes associated to new developmentalism. It should reach a maximum size of 500 words plus the references that will be probably used. It should be sent in pdf format and must contain name, filiation, and title of the article. Final papers should be send no later than July 9.

 - The best articles could be invited to be published in the Brazilian Journal of Policital Economy.

 FOR ALL: All applicants shall add a short (one page) curriculum vitae, containing maximum academic degree, the institution of maximum academic degree and research interests and most relevant publications (not mandatory). 

Submissions should be sent to organizers in and

  - The Centre will provide 3 nights of hotel for the panelists.

  - The Centre will provide lunch and coffee break for all participants.


There will be a symbolic registration fee of US$50.00 or R$150,00 for all.

Panelists and participants will receive a certificate.

The Hotel Paulista Wall Street (5 minutes away from the conference place) offer special tariffs for the participants (please inform you are enrolled in the Workshop for special rates).     

If you need a invitation letter, please let us know. 



2nd New Developmentalism’s Workshop Board





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